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New Falcons Stadium ideas don't just push the envelope they shred it By Jay Busbee, Shutdown Corner, May 1, 2013

Alien invasion or football experience? In Atlanta come 2017, there won't be much of a difference, if an exotic new stadium plan becomes reality.

That there is one of the two major designs for the new Atlanta Falcons stadium, proposed to open in time for the start of the 2017 season. Crafted by 360 Architecture, it's called the "Pantheon," and it's a new design on the usual retractable-dome style. How new? This new:

Atlanta Falcons stadium concepts hail from planet Zorbinon by Jason Kirk, Apr. 30, 2013

Falcons approve crazy "conceptual design" of Stadium by Mike Florio, NBC Sports, June 18, 2013

NFL teams are realizing that one way to get fans to choose attending games over watching them at home will be to play the games in compelling structures that make fans want to be there, regardless of how good or bad the home team is.

On Tuesday, the Falcons announced that the “conceptual design” of the stadium has been “completed and approved.”  And the “conceptual design” that has been selected has the look of a futuristic change purse.  A Falcons spokesman tells PFT that this isn’t the final design, but that there’s a “pretty good chance” the finished product will closely resemble the concept.

If the “Change Purse” comes to fruition, designers of future structures will have their work cut out for them, as the stadium arms race expands from giant HD video screens and high-speed Internet access to include stunning designs that will make the cars line up even deeper than they did for Kevin Costner’s corn field in Iowa.

(Vikings Stadium) And in time, that revolutionary new stadium to be built in Minnesota will look downright boring. The new Vikings stadium becomes the first to incorporate an Olympics-style ingenuity.  The new Falcons stadium will take it to a whole new level.

(Note: The Vikings Stadium is the only new NFL Stadium that will not have "outdoor football."  Lucas Oil Stadium and the rest have the roof open 35% of the time for events.  The Vikings coming off two years of open air football at TCF Stadium will have the fans wanting just that, the option of outdoor games. Open air football will sell tickets, indoor football options are stay at home for free or spend $400 to go to a game.)

The plans for the crazy new Falcons stadium were approved, it’s better than we even hoped by Nate Scott, USA Today, June 18, 2013

The crazy new Falcons stadium you might have seen plans for? Well, they might actually be building this thing.  Team officials and the architecture firm presented design plans to the Georgia World Congress Center Authority on Monday, and the plans were approved. Approved.

The Falcons still need to find the land to build the stadium on and there are a million other hoops to jump through, but having the plans approved by the Georgia World Congress Center Authority–the organization that oversees the downtown Atlanta convention center and stadiums–is a promising step forward.

Architects from 360 Architecture, the architecture firm working with the team on the designs, were quick to point out that this is only a plan, and the actual construction of the stadium could result in something that looks quite different.

I don’t care. If this thing is anything like what we’re seeing here, this is going to be a blast.

The Stankonia Dome is happening: Atlanta Falcons approve new stadium concept by Jason Kirk, SB Nation,

The second major design phase of the Atlanta Falcons' new stadium has been completed, with a single conceptual design being approved Tuesday at the Georgia World Congress Center. Earlier this year, the GWCC had released two different retractable-roof concepts, the oculus-to-paradise Pantheon (lovingly dubbed "the Stankonia Dome") and the boxable warehouse Solarium. And it's the Pantheon idea that's officially outlasted the Solarium. The final design will be unveiled in 2014, but we've taken a major step toward it.

Lucas Oil Stadium - Several Video's of their roof opening, very informative.

NFL Stadiums; is a Movable Dome the Standard by which Stadiums are now measured???


New Vikings Stadium does not address the No. 1 Problem of the NFL, Ticket Sales...

"If I wasn't a sports writer I wouldn't ever go to a game when HD TV is that good and you get announcer info. that you wouldn't get at a game...," a July 5 quote from a "senior" sports writer.

With 70" TV's going for $999 in 2016 and the comfort of "Indoor Football" at home why go to a Stadium and watch "Indoor Football" there and spend $400?  After two years at TCF Stadium with the availability of outdoor football going back inside for September and October games is going to be tough.

On the Chad Hartman Show on July 5, 2013 there was a 15 minute segment on the "deals" that are made to sell tickets for the Vikings and the Twins.  Building a new stadium without a movable dome is the kiss of death for Minnesota.  We'll have blackouts for years to come.  Governor Dayton needs to call in Chad Hartman and other Sports people to comment on stadiums and the fan experience, that aspect is completely being overlooked. (July 5 Pod cast available at iTunes.) 

Governor Dayton needs to call Zygi Wilf and Commissioner Goodell and find a way to get Minnesota a movable Domed Stadium like all the other new NFL Stadiums.  Atlanta has set the bar higher and we're building a 1980's Style closed rook stadium.


Ryan gets nod for new parking construction by Matt Sepic, MN Public Radio. July 2, 2013.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority on Monday approved negotiations with Ryan Companies for new parking ramps and skyway bridges associated with the new Vikings Stadium in Downtown Minneapolis.

(Note: The NFL dictates that there be a certain amount of parking space in ramp form for each new NFL Stadium and by the Vikings Stadium Bill/Law will assume only one would fall into that category.  KSTP was told the "Terms" of the deal would be announced.  What is not being discussed is who is paying the StarTribune for their land and what that amount is.  Again the Vikings Stadium Law does not allow for that.)

Downtown Minneapolis what should its future be & where is the Leadership with insight?

Is there an overall "Big Picture Plan" or is it the flavor of the month with this or that development with the pretty picture renderings, how long will it take until they put numbers and results to each of these.

The 2025 Plan with green space to the River, a great idea to spruce up the City.  The Casino in Block E, economically a bonanza but do we want a City/State of 19 Fortune 500 Companies to be know for that sort of shadiness?  The StarTribune Office Park next to the new Stadium, three blocks of parks in Downtown, plus & minuses both ways. The Nicollet Ave. Streetcar line, great in the future but no gains.

What will bring "New People" & "New Money" into Downtown Minneapolis and the prosperity that goes with that?

A New Target Center will bring us NCAA Championship Basketball every year as soon as it's done plus many other events for an economic impact of $1 Billion over the next 20 years, nothing else comes close & besides 5,000 construction jobs 2,500 core city tourism type jobs for people on their way up to handle the new tourism.

New Skyway Boulevards will transform Downtown Minneapolis into a mecca of Suburban Mall Like Space that will provide weather and hassle free accommodations to return the city to its glory days.  Malls provide "controlled space" for people to gather and relate and that's what's needed to make bring the Downtowns back. (No amount of Police or DID Staff can make street levels as inviting as Mall-like Skyways.)

A Vision for the Downtown 24 hr. Skyway System is spelled out here.  It will allow people to go from Target Center to new Shopping to Hotels without stepping outside and Downtown will get 3 million new visits a year. (No. 1 question at Bloomington Visitors Bureau, "Is my hotel connected to MOA?," Downtown "answers" that question and with Light Rail Minnesota wins.)

The new Skyway System will serve as a catalyst for development along its path and it happens in the best possible place, the Downtown Core home to our Fortune 500 Companies and the many workers who will want to thrive and be a part of the action.  Slow down, think, indoor space, place yourself there, prosperity beckons. 

The Downtown Renaissance Plan calls for a new Target Office & Macy's Building, Radisson and ramp on the present Macy's Block, the PDF File spells out more.

A new Target Center with 24 hr. Skyway Boulevards all over Downtown and connected to a new Macy's and Hotels will be the first in the World with this kind of space, it just takes a "Vision" of what we can do for Minnesota's future.

Overview for Discussions on Stadium issues:

Minnesota Sports Writers & Media, - You can change the history of Sports in MN.

  Taking Points:  Arena's & Stadiums  -  Downtown Renaissance Project

Do you think Governor Dayton should appoint a "Sports & Tourism Task Force" so the real costs & benefits of a new Target Center & Vikings Stadium are considered? The Legislature's main duty is the States Budget, but without a State Planning Agency the Marketing side is not addressed...

Sports Writers & Media, World Class Sports Venues, your help informing the Public.   Questions:

  • Do you think it would be fun and exciting to have NCAA Tournament Games in MN every year?
  • A new Target Center for $400 Million completed in 2016 or $800 Million in 2026, which is better?
  • A new Target Center now will get us NCAA Tournament Games every year for $600 Million in Tourism & $400 Million in Cost Savings; Responsibility of the Governor, Legislature or Business?
  • Should the Twins Ballpark have been built so a movable dome could be added for colder dates
  • Should the Vikings Stadium be made World Class with a Movable Dome like other NFL Stadiums?
  • The Standard for NFL Stadiums is a movable dome, who's duty is it to see that MN is competitive?
  • If the sale of Naming Rights go over $300 Million should Vikings use that money for a movable dome?
  • Buffalo Bills got a top Defensive end to prove they're trying; are our Venues sending that message?
  • Better Arenas make it more likely Top Talent will come to our frozen non-glamorous fly-over-land?
  • Could it help the Gophers for recruiting if they played some games with & in Pro. Sports Venues?
  • Would end of season Rival Games with Wisconsin, Iowa & Nebraska as yearly events help tourism?
  • Is Minnesota still living off the vapors of the 70's when we were seen as an innovative & cool?
  • Neglected Downtowns, should there be a Renaissance Fund like the Arts & Water Legacy Fund?
  • Why isn't there a State Planning Agency when most Cities and County's of size have one?
  • Job of the Legislature is Budget, do we need Marketing through State Planning for best results?
  • Should it be the responsibility of the Governor or Legislature to see that there is State Planning?
  • If the Structure of MN Government fails to provide a means for Planning, should they be sued?
  • Does the StarTribune have an obligation to provide information to the People of MN in these areas?
  • Do you think it would be worth 1/5 of 1% of Sales Tax for a Downtown Renaissance Project for Mpls. & St. Paul at only $580 Million & an added $2.3 Billion in Private Development & $1 Billion in new Tourism from NCAA Tournament Games over the next 10 yrs.?  If it's an image builder?
  • Minnesota is in a cold & less glamorous climate than many cities, do the Sports Writers & Media have an obligation to share information that would get Minnesota better sports venues & talent?

Sports writer: "Once the Gopher fans taste the ambiance of a new Vikings Stadium they'll want late season games played there." Gopher players excited when the Vikings played at TCF, Target Center, same?

If you want better teams you need better Talent and talent needs a reason to want to move here.  We don't have the moxie or warm weather of costal & southern cities so our Sports Venues need to be World Class, which in turn builds up Minnesota's image as "A Place to Be..."  Leadership; Business, Government?

Chambers and People at the Capitol.   Governor, Legislators, a Task Force for Planning & Marketing...

The Downtown Renaissance Project...

  A new Target Center, Skyway Boulevards & more...

  A Visionary Plan for Minneapolis & St. Paul with a...

  $1 Billion Economic Impact...

Download the PDF File for Details - See Link at Top.

Minnesota, "World Class" or "2nd Class?"  We have MOA & if we fix our Downtowns we can bring in new Tourism & Revenue while creating 7,500 new Jobs.

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